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5 professional lighting setups for interviews

5 professional lighting setups for interviews

No matter if your interviewing your neighbor or local mayor, having a professional lighting setup is key for capturing a great interview.
Lexar announces 512 GB CFexpress Type B card

Lexar announces 512 GB CFexpress Type B card

Lexar announced a new Professional DIAMOND Series memory card, the Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Card DIAMOND Series card.
Wonder Studio

Wonder Studio uses AI to automatically add CG characters to live video

Wonder Dynamics recently showed off its web-based AI tool, Wonder Studio, which can automatically animate, light and compose CG characters.
Continuity editing: The importance of consistency in cinema feature image

Continuity editing: The importance of consistency in cinema

Continuity is an essential concept to cinema as it establishes composition rules that help guide the video's narrative in the editing room.
The 180-degree rule featured image

All you need to know about the 180-degree rule

Videographers follow the 180-degree rule for a very important reason: to move their stories along in a logical way.

Best microphones for video production — 2023

Whether you’re recording audio for a commercial, a wedding or your next feature film, you need the best microphone possible.
PTZ cameras

The best PTZ cameras — 2023

With PTZ cameras growing in popularity, there are a lot of options to choose from. These are the best PTZ cameras on the market right now.
Sirui’s Dragon Series B25R

Sirui finally released its bendable Sirui RGB panel

Sirui has finally released the Sirui Dragon Series B25R bendable RGB panel light, which was announced a few months ago.
Sony Creators’ App

Sony launches new Creators’ App

Sony has released a new app, Creators’ App, that allows you to connect your Sony camera to the company’s cloud AI technology.
AI livestreaming show Nothing, Forever

Is AI livestreaming content creation?

AI is making its way into livestreaming. While AI content generation lacks the nuance of human creators, it is already being used to stream.

Videomaker Plus

In a nutshell Screenwriting requires adherence to rules and procedures despite being a creative medium. Screenplays for film and television share the same formatting but follow different story structures. The majority of screenplays follow a three-act structure that consists of the Setup, the Confrontation and the Resolution. Let’s get one thing straight —...
deepfake technology
The U.S. Government has revealed in a recent procurement document that it is interested in utilizing deepfake technologies for its operations.
Video editors use transitions to combine two separate scenes or shots These six transitions are often go-tos for professionals.
DJI Ronin 4D Flex
DJI has just launched a brand-new expansion for its Ronin 4D professional camera platform, the Ronin 4D Flex.
New Apple iMac rumored
Bloomberg's recent report suggests that Apple is preparing to unveil a new lineup of iMacs and several new laptops soon.





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