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U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court rules no time limit on damages in copyright dispute

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that there is no time limit on when you can claim damages following an infringement of your copyright.
Shure MoveMic front view

Shure MoveMic review: Is it competitive in the next gen of wireless mics?

Shure’s MoveMic might be a good option if you want to capture simple videos, but it falls short of its competitors.
Blackmagic Camera

Blackmagic Camera review: Today’s best camera app for professionals?

There's a lot to like about the Blackmagic Camera app. With it being free, there's not a reason to give it a try.
Tilta Khronos Ecosystem

Tilta launches Khronos Ecosystem for iPhone

Tilta launched a new cage and accessory system for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Let's see what this system has to offer mobile shooters.
boom mic operator

How do boom mics really work?

Boom microphones are often times the perfect choice for capturing audio at a distance. But how do they actually work?
OpenAI trials deepfake detector for DALL-E featured image

OpenAI trials deepfake detector for DALL-E

OpenAI has created a software tool to help detect images created by DALL-E. It’s designed to tackle the growing issue of deepfakes.
Back to the basics

Back to the basics

Every great artist breaks a rules a bit. However, before you begin breaking rules of videography, you first need to establish the basics.
Do You Need Your Camera to Capture DCI 4K? featured image

Do you really need your camera to capture DCI 4K?

Should you get a camera with 4K DCI, or is UHD good enough? The answer isn't as complicated as you may think.
GoPro claims that Insta360 has violated its patents featured image

GoPro claims that Insta360 has violated its patents

GoPro claims that the company that makes the Insta360 range of cameras has violated its patents. The U.S. is now investigating the matter.
Adobe enrages photographers with its latest ad campaign featured image

Adobe enrages photographers with its latest ad campaign

Adobe’s latest ad campaign running on social media channels to raise awareness of Photoshop's new AI capabilities has upset photographers.

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The Future of Remote Production: The PTZOptics Hive

PTZOptics Hive Studio transforms video production by integrating professional camera control, real-time switching and recording, empowering everyone to connect, control and create from anywhere...

Videomaker Plus

Final Cut Pro adds Live Multicam on iPad and new AI features on Mac
Apple has introduced Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 which now has Live Multicam. Final Cut Pro for Mac10.8 has also been updated.
DJI RS 4 Pro
The new DJI RS 4 Pro is the best gimbal on the market. However, is it that much better than the DJI RS 3 Pro to justify its price bump?
Shure Nexadyne 8/C Dynamic Vocal Microphone
Shure has recently launched a brand-new cardioid microphone, the Shure Nexadyne 8/C Dynamic Vocal Microphone.
What is a smash cut?
A smash cut is an abrupt transition between scenes that can jolt the audience, mainly used to shift the pacing or tone of a story.
We're partnering with the United Nations and the IOM to recognize emerging creators around the globe in the 2024 Plural+ Youth Video Festival.





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