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How AI will change visual effects forever

Although there are many unanswered questions about AI's role in visual effects, it's already helping filmmakers create incredible projects.
Potential TikTok U.S. ban

TikTok to delete U.S. user data from servers this year

In a recent congressional hearing, TikTok committed to deleting all of its U.S. user data by the end of the year.
Fujifilm X-H2S sensor

Fujifilm X-H2S review: Fujifilm’s affordable ProRes 6.2K beast

On paper, the Fujifilm X-H2S is a beast. In this review, we’ll go over everything that’s great and not-so-great about the Fujifilm X-H2S.
Runway Gen-2

Runway Gen-2 can turn text into video

Runway revealed the latest iteration of its AI software, which can create videos using only text descriptions.
Image from "Tiësto & Jauz - Infected" music video

Film sound design: Constructing narrative through sound

Sound design constructs the auditory landscape of production, including everything from dialogue to music to natural noises.
Amazon closes DPReview

Amazon closes DPReview

The popular and trusted digital photography review website DPReview is closing after Amazon made massive layoffs.
You can now publish podcasts with YouTube Studio featured image

You can now publish podcasts with YouTube Studio

YouTube has announced that you can now publish podcasts through YouTube Studio or set an existing playlist as a podcast.
Can you copyright work made by AI?

U.S. says you can’t copyright works created by AI via prompt

The U.S. Government has published guidance on copyright registration which says that you may not be able to copyright works created by AI.
5 professional lighting setups for interviews

5 professional lighting setups for interviews

No matter if your interviewing your neighbor or local mayor, having a professional lighting setup is key for capturing a great interview.
Lexar announces 512 GB CFexpress Type B card

Lexar announces 512 GB CFexpress Type B card

Lexar announced a new Professional DIAMOND Series memory card, the Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Card DIAMOND Series card.

Videomaker Plus

Wonder Studio
Wonder Dynamics recently showed off its web-based AI tool, Wonder Studio, which can automatically animate, light and compose CG characters.
Continuity editing: The importance of consistency in cinema feature image
Continuity is an essential concept to cinema as it establishes composition rules that help guide the video's narrative in the editing room.
The 180-degree rule featured image
Videographers follow the 180-degree rule for a very important reason: to move their stories along in a logical way.
Whether you’re recording audio for a commercial, a wedding or your next feature film, you need the best microphone possible.
PTZ cameras
With PTZ cameras growing in popularity, there are a lot of options to choose from. These are the best PTZ cameras on the market right now.





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