Hugh Hou recording Groove Cruise-Green Velevt DJ set
CreatorUp’s host, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Hugh Hou, discusses 360 video’s impact on the community, so other professionals from the 2D world can learn 360 and VR.
Man with VR set on holding hand up to shark.
Imagine joining a camera crew for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. You’re suited-up to dive into the water just off the coast of Catalina in an area known for Mako sharks. Earlier, the team chummed the water with a mixture of bloody fish to attract these fast and dangerous sea...
360-degree video created for Nike by Digital Domain and IM360 and directed byAdam Berg.
360 video was all the buzz for the last few years at trade shows and around the industry. It seemed everyone was jumping on the VR video bandwagon. As buzz always does, the talk seems to have died down, but 360 production has not. There are great, new groundbreaking...
It's important to understand your customer's needs and to illustrate how 360-degree will specifically help their business.
While the gear buy-in can be relatively inexpensive, producing engaging content is a bit more challenging. Let's take a look at gear, production and monetization so you can decide if VR and 360-degree video is a good fit for you. The myth of VR The term virtual reality (VR) has come...
How to Cover an Event in 360 - Source Sound, Inc - Jack White’s Live VR concerts
Spherical video has the ability to bring a viewer right into the center of the action, no matter if that’s sports, entertainment, concerts or even a birthday party. The viewer feels like they are a part of the event. It makes sense that Hollywood has been on the cutting...
Getting Started with 360 Degree Video
Within the last few years the video industry has seen the emergence of a handful of new techniques, technologies and methodologies. Aerial videography has gone positively mainstream, action cameras are ubiquitous, and smartphone or tablet cinematography is as common as things get. A recent addition to the fold is...
How to Compose Your Shot When Your Camera Can See Everything
Something to remember when shooting spherical video is that everything is visible in the shot.  Even if you think you are being clever by hiding behind a boulder or a tree, you might not be as well hidden as you think. This can make it a challenge if you...
360 degree Video tour of a California Historical LandmarkThe Bidwell Mansion in Chico California.  
The Basics of Making 3D Videos
So you walked out of the theater after seeing Avatar in 3D for the third time and you're thinking, "I want to make a 3D video!" Obviously if you can marshal the same resources Director James Cameron did, you probably will. More than likely you'll have to start out...


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