Think of the videos you make for clients not just as a singular end-product, but as a tool that will be used to spread a message.
There is this idea that, because most people now have cameras in their pockets, making a video is easy. Hiring a professional, therefore, shouldn’t cost that much. As a pro videographer, what can you do to make sure you get paid what you deserve? We’re going to give you...
Minimizing Your Non-Billable Hours
If you're reading this, then you know something about producing and editing video. Maybe you went to film school. Maybe you learned hands-on. Nevertheless, the business side of video production leaves no margin for error for even the seasoned professional, so if you don't know what you're doing, then...
Video crew at carpet store shooting an ad.
Some clients are going to be rigid; others are going to be flexible. However, your only objective is to make them believers. Here are some particular pointers on how to achieve just that.Know Your Client BaseBefore you can convince a client of investing in anything you have to offer,...
Movie crew setting up set.
There are many ways to make a living as a microfilmmaker. It takes persistence, creativity, hard work and a deep desire to make movies, but it’s worth every second.
Shaking hands with script in back pocket
Most of us have watched a major stinker, even one with a decent cast, but if you're an aspiring screenwriter, that had to give you some hope because in your drawer there's a screenplay that you know is better than what you just sat through. Maybe a lot better. Maybe...
What should you charge for your production? How do you determine what is a fair price? How to keep your client happy. We explore the answers. Email Newsletter:
Graphic of chalkboard with "How to Educate Clients on the Production Process" printed in chalk
Great Expectations“Some clients really don't see the difference in quality between something that is badly made and something that is professionally made. It's hard to explain why you need to pay for extra lighting equipment when they can't notice the difference.” — Mark Wilcken, independent producer, Little Rock, AKIf...
Be prepared for the NAB Show
Video producers from around the globe will be converging on Las Vegas in early April for the 2014 NAB Show. There are plenty of surprises that await them at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Video production requires a great deal of technical knowledge, a well developed aesthetic eye, and...
Shot of a man in an auditorium holding up an auction card.
You’ve pitched your services and have organizers behind community event, school performance and dance recitals interested. You can do the job. Now you must submit a bid that works for them and makes you a profit. How much do you charge for video production? Should you offer a flat...
Square provides mobile point of sale services.
Cash flow is the life blood of any business. This holds true for the event videographer, and some of their largest profits are made not from the organizers of the events they cover, but from customers who purchase duplicate DVDs and archives of the events.For the event videographer who...


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