Camera Movement Techniques
A static frame is not only boring to your audience; by keeping the camera still, you’re also missing out on one of the most fundamental storytelling tools in cinema — movement.
Ways to Challenge Yourself as a Videographer
Andy Warhol shattered the mold that artists had been using for hundreds of years – the mold that made “art” and for many art critics, the jury is still out on Andy, but there’s one thing that nobody can deny – he shook up the art world. I went to...
Bad Shooting habits & How to Break Them
It’s hard to get over bad habits, even when you know what those habits are.
Right out of the box, your action cam is: Lightweight and tiny, with high-quality video capabilities Wireless, allowing you to snap photos or record video from a distance Waterproof, up to a certain depth In addition, it is probably also Housed in durable plastic, in case the camera falls 60+...
a cameraman bending over a camera focusing and framing a shot
The secret to shooting video sequences without compromising continuity of motion is to remain mindful, not of travel direction, but of screen direction.
Shot from a moving vehicle mounted low on the passenger's door.
Ever wonder how to emulate expensive mounted video shots? Those shots you want but can’t afford the equipment or rentals to acquire for your next action video production? Maybe you want to do a car chase scene, or a follow sequence. You’re willing to work for it but you...
shot of a cyclist riding extremely fast
It looks simple. Strap an action cam to your helmet, bike or body and off you go. Some of the best video watched on YouTube are from action cams. These amazing devices can get you into the action better than anything invented as yet. Everyone is using action cams...
shot of a GoPro camera getting wet
No matter what type of video producer you are or the gear you use, you will invariably depend on some power source. However, due to the misuse of batteries, video producers using POV cams might experience frustration when they grab their action cams for that once-in-a-lifetime shot and find...
If you're a regular reader of Videomaker and the Videomaker blog, you've no doubt read about or seen our videos on lens whacking.It sounds like a rough treatment of camera gear, but lens whacking is a videography technique by which the camera operator holds an unattached interchangeable lens in...
When you want to increase the drama of a scene or reveal fine details in a shot, slow motion is a great way to do it. From the iconic use of bullet time in The Matrix, to instant replays in sports, slow motion is a versatile tool for any...

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