Film editor selecting models during pre-production
Every film project must start at the pre-production stage. And the best way to navigate pre-production is to start (and stay) organized.
Video formats for cell phones
Need help deciding on which video format you should use for your video shot on your cell phone? We'll help you pick the right format.
The tracking shot defined
Tracking shots are a perfect way for videographers to add dynamic movement to their videos and film projects.
"F. Jullien Genève", maybe Frank-Henri Jullien (1882-1938) - "Indogermanisches Jahrbuch." Edits made to image: Cut out. Link to license: CC BY-SA 4.0
Ferdinand de Saussure's groundbreaking linguistic theories have had a major influence on cinema and narrative interpretation.
boom mic operator
Boom microphones are oftentimes the perfect choice for capturing audio at a distance. But how do they actually work?
Do You Need Your Camera to Capture DCI 4K? featured image
Should you get a camera with 4K DCI, or is UHD good enough? The answer isn't as complicated as you may think.
What is a smash cut?
A smash cut is an abrupt transition between scenes that can jolt the audience, mainly used to shift the pacing or tone of a story.
How to export videos in iMovie featured image
If you don't export your video correctly, all your efforts shooting and editing will go to waste. Here's how to export your videos in iMovie.
The importance of DOT documents
Ask any industry professional and they are likely to have plenty of horror stories. However, this one could have ended in complete disaster.
If you're wanting to increase your profits as a professional videographer, we've got some advice to help you boost your bottom line.