Freeze frame featured image
Throughout the history of cinema, filmmakers, big and small, have used the freeze frames in their projects, but why?
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When starting out as a photographer, it's hard to know how much you should be making. So, how much does a photographer really make?
Over the shoulder shot
The over the shoulder shot is an important and essential element of cinematic vocabulary. Here's why it's so vital.
Sticking to the rules of screenplay writing are a must, but it can be challenging. However, Trelby can help make it easier.
Mise-en-scène means “placing on stage” and refers to props, lighting, wardrobe and blocking.
anamorphic lenses under $2500
Quality anamorphic lenses can easily cost you thousands of dollars. However, there are a few budget options that achieve a comparable effect.
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The rule of odds is a very useful method for creating visually-pleasing frames and conveying story in film.
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If you're looking to land a job in video production or want to jump-start your video career, Staff Me Up could be your answer.
Script vs. screenplay: What's the difference?
There's a common misunderstanding regarding the topic of "screenplay vs. script." While these two terms may seem the same, they aren't.
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Knowing common color spaces and how to use them in your projects will grant you greater control over your images.