Audio-Technica AT8015 is the best budget microphone
The Technica AT8015 Shotgun has proven to us the it is currently the best budget microphone that offers the most for the lower price.
Apple Mac Mini base is now a 256gb ssd
Apple has doubled the standard Mac mini's storage, making the base a 256gb ssd. Now the device’s base model will offer twice the storage for the same price.
Adobe Creative Cloud
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Adobe is offtering a deal that allows existing subscribers to get the Adobe Creative Cloud suite two months for free.
YouTube lowers default resolution in Europe to SD quality
YouTube has temporarily dropped the default streaming quality on its platform in Europe to standard-definition (SD) due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 takes our Editor's Choice spot for the “Best Enthusiast Audio Editing Software” currently out on the market.
New Sony lens rumored to be $4,000
Reportedly, Sony is working on a new G Master lens: 12-24mm f/2.8 GM. But it is likely not too many creators will get their hands on one.
Recently, there was a huge leak on Oculus’ official website. We now know that they’re working on a new virtual reality headset and it’s codenamed “Del Mar.”How did this leak happen? Well, there were a few Oculus developers that saw a new infobox...
Seagate announces the IronWolf 510 SSD
Seagate Technology have announced theSeagate IronWolf 510: the newest multi-user NAS solution and new addition to their IronWolf SSD line.
Sigma will work on mostly mirrorless lenses now
According to Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki, the company will now focus most of its time and efforts into creating lenses for mirrorless cameras.
Canon EOS R
A report suggests Canon may push back the release dates for the Canon EOS R5 and the EOS R6 due to potentially low supplies caused by the coronavirus.

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