Short-form is not killing long-form video
Although TikTok is changing the landscape of content creation, there will always be a place for long-form videos.
Should all court recordings be public?
Should we record every argument a court hears for the public? It's a hotly debated topic that's become even more pressing in recent months.
While AI can offer many benefits to screenwriters, ultimately, AI should aid them in their work—not replace them.
AI lens
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The VFX industry has undergone significant transformation due to AI-powered tools. It's led to speculation about the future of green screen.
AI livestreaming show Nothing, Forever
AI is making its way into livestreaming. While AI content generation lacks the nuance of human creators, it is already being used to stream.
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It seems today that videos are getting shorter and shorter, begging the question: How long should your videos really be?
Canon CR N700
We've seen many new narratives this year in the video industry — one of the biggest being that PTZs are here and aren't going anywhere.
It's undeniable that smartphone cameras have significantly improved over the years, but will they replace the dedicated video camera?
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While there's no turning back from AI video, we still have to ponder how much AI involvement we should tolerate in our video work.