Film directors should never make their actors feel pressured to act
Directors want to get their projects done in a timely manner, but reminded actors of the deadline they're on could really ruin their performances.
Will this perpetual push to press the limits ever end? Perhaps. But probably not anytime soon. It seems that video camera and television display technologies are hopelessly linked together in a never-ending chicken-and-egg relationship. On the surface, this may cause a degree of frustration to mediaphiles and makers of digital...
We’re constantly told we’re supposed to avoid cheezy effects and transitions at all costs. But sometimes, going over the top is exactly what your video needs. Why is it that cheesy effects are always cast in a negative light? It’s because many confuse cheesy effects with bad CGI. They aren’t...
Videomaker Podcast: Coronavirus - Mike Wilhelm, Chris Monlux
Taken from The Videomaker Podcast episode #20.
Mature businesswoman looking at camera and talking
Are you capturing the moment or the information? This is one of the primary questions to consider when determining whether or not to use a teleprompter.
viewing a street scene through a detached lens at maximum aperture
“To the man who only has a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” While no one is really sure who first made this observation — whether Twain, Maslow, Kaplan, Baruch, Buddha or an unknown philosopher — we can see this truism play out every day in...
The camera you keep in your pocket is getting better every year. Let's take a closer look at the professional potential of mobile video.
It seems like a new camera is announced every day, each smaller with higher resolution than the last. Before you rush to preorder a new 6K camera, stop to consider what moving to a higher resolution really means. Will the benefits of the technology really justify spending upwards of...
Content must always be crafted and conveyed within a context. In order to be most effective as media-based communicators, we need to know more than just the details of what needs to be said. It is not enough to merely cover the content that needs to be presented. In...
We live in the era of video where the barrier to entry is more like a speed bump. Now, we can get great looking video without a dedicated camera.

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