Cinematography Techniques
Cinematography is more than just pointing a camera and capturing images. The Cinematographer's art is visual storytelling.
Whether you’re a pro videographer or a beginner, making a movie is going to require a lot of preparation, time, and work. We will help you through it.
We’ve all been there. Someone's found out that you have the video tools and the talent, and you get volunteered to record something, shall we say, less than exciting. Perhaps it’s a school play, or a kid’s sporting event or a musical recital. Your first, gut reaction is to...
Photo montage of children in fall
For the video creative, every shot tells a story. Learning the art of visual storytelling will take your video from mundane to engaging.
Man looking straight into camera.
For effective communication, begin production with a clear idea of your viewers’ role. Consider how camera angles may change the relationship your viewer has to your subject.
Titanic (1997)
There are numerous reasons creators get into the world of film and video, but the overlying constant that consumers all want is a good story!
Summer sun shining through the slats of a garden chair
Do you ever experience a creative shooting version of Writer's Block? Sometimes it's hard to find inspiration when you're a creative artist. What do I shoot next? How can I make my next shot different? This week marks the first week of summer - let the Summer Sun be...
Released in 2002, “Road to Perdition” won the academy award for best cinematography.  Director Sam Mendes and cinematographer Conrad Hall created a bleak style to represent Chicago in the 1930s, and used stunning imagery and beautiful camera moves to bring meaning to an intense murder scene. 
Last year my friend Lorraine phoned to say that I should fly out and see her roller derby team play. I'd never done any sports videography and this seemed like a good chance to learn. I packed up a DSLR and a couple of lenses and headed out. The action...
Expand and Condense Time
"Check out this awesome video!" bellowed Chet from across the yard. He was waving a DVD at me. "It's of the Gollywog Hotel being dynamited last week to make way for the new bypass! I took my family down for a picnic!" If I hadn't been laying in a lawn...

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