Multi-camera Shooting
Videographers are not just storytellers, they're also the keepers of our memories - which is an amazing responsibility. While a director producing a fictional piece can reshoot a scene again and again until it's captured perfectly, real life doesn't afford us the ability to go back and do it...
We show you the step-by-step process for creating realistic looking blood with the use of corn syrup, red and blue dye, cocoa powder and corn starch.
Telling a Story Through Video
What do you do when a hummingbird builds a new nest on your clothesline?Well, if you're an ordinary Joe with a camcorder, you take some shaky hand-held footage of it and post it to YouTube. But if you're a video creator, you make a movie out of it, complete with...
The Art of the Cutaway
While you plan the scene and dialog details for your videos, you need to remember to plan for cutaways as you take that journey down the path to good composition. Shooting seamless and well-planned cutaways can add depth and dimension to your story... and they can save your bacon...
This week Brandon explores how to use weather to effect the mood of your video.
Gone are the old days when, to represent a night scene, all one had to do is to load tungsten-type film in the camera and shoot outside fully stopped-down, to underexpose the film and to create a dark, bluish-cast scene. The resultant strong shadows were a bit unconvincing, but...
10 Steps to the Best Video for Worship
Shooting within the confines of a live event can try the patience of Job. But pulling it off is heavenly joy. Churchgoers around the world are experiencing a transformation. Many worship services now incorporate video elements, and there are several reasons for the change. Most obvious is...
Jennifer shows how to avoid continuity errors in your production.
Jennifer and John once again go out in the field to answer some confusing questions about screen direction.
Setting the Mood
Producers have a myriad of choices to manipulate the viewer via the ear. Style, ability to alter the score and your budget will dictate which option or options work best for your project. The table is set with wine and roses. Candles create a soft glow as an attractive couple...


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