If you're like me, you probably have an online shopping wishlist full of thousands of dollars in new video gear, but do you actually need any of it?
We all know the importance of smooth and steady camera work, but what if you don't have a tripod to make it happen? No worries — here are some tripod alternatives to use on your next shoot.
Man posing with a tripod in the desert
Regardless of whether you're using an ancient tripod or the latest model, you will always be able to perform a variety of shots if you are creative and resourceful.
Simply put, HDR is a color enhancement feature that allows the range of colors to be extended on both the light and dark ends of the spectrum.
We’ve all had those moments in our lives when we are stopped in our tracks by the awe-inspiring beauty of the “now”. Magnificent morning sunrises painted with strokes of every color imaginable; landscapes bathed in the golden glow of summer’s setting sun, glittering galactic night skies speckled with millions...
Crafting Your Own DIY Light Modifiers
If you're shooting video and need a way to alter the quality of your light sources, then making your own homemade light modifiers may be the perfect solution — especially if you're on a tight budget or pressed for time. Crafting your own light modifiers may seem like a...
Microphone Hide and Seek: 7 Ways to Hide a Lav
Ever notice that it’s okay to see mics in some video productions, but not others? What’s up with that?
How to Shoot a Professional Video by Yourselfvideo
Early in my video career, I wanted to make a film to enter into a local short film festival. Just one problem: none of my friends or family were available to help me. We all know that filmmaking requires a whole team of collaborators, right? How could I create...
5 Tips for Capturing Exceptional Color with Any Camera
Recently, I was excited to discover that one of my favorite TV miniseries from the 80’s was coming out on DVD. But when I played it, I couldn’t get over how bad the color was. No doubt the film stock had faded over the years before it was digitized,...
10 Production-saving Accessories
Inclement weather, dead batteries, missing assistants, cars that break down, tripod legs that snap, shoots being delayed for hours, getting kicked off of locations, duck attacks — in short... knowing what will eventually go wrong and being prepared for it is what makes you a professional and the bride’s...
Image of crew setting up light for a set
You don’t always have the luxury of filming in an area where there are windows. Sometimes you have to film on sets where there are no windows at all, but the project you are working on calls for some positive and upbeat window light.How do you create window light...

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