The S5 is the lighter and more compact sibling to the S1 and S1H. However, just because it’s smaller, doesn’t mean it can’t hang with its siblings.
A long-standing and trusted camera model for the beginner and intermediate photographer and videographer alike, the Canon Rebel has endured the test of time. Canon has taken some of the right steps with the release of the newest Rebel the T8i. Inheriting some higher-end features, utilizing beginner-friendly settings and providing...
The third camera in Sony’s Cinema Line, the Sony FX6 is a full-frame cinema camera that's lightweight and fully featured. Sony builds its predecessor, the FS5 II, as a small body super 35 cinema camera. The FX6 comes with all of the bells and whistles that the FS5 II, but has a larger sensor, new media options, higher frame rates, XAVC-I 10bit 422 internal capture and new mounting options.
Year after year, GoPro releases a new camera. Some years, it's a hit. Other years… not so much. Regardless, they persevere and this year they have given us another new camera, the GoPro HERO9 Black. This camera is their most advanced camera yet, but is it enough?  A high level...
Sony made us wait for this one. It’s been almost 5 years since the a7S II was released. Was the Sony a7S III wait worth it? You bet it was, this thing is awesome!
As an avid reader of this publication, you have undoubtedly heard all the buzz around the Canon R5, objectively the most anticipated and most sought after camera of the year, by far. They are selling faster than toilet paper in March of 2020. Sorry, too soon? Like TP early in the...
The Sigma fp is a hard camera to pin down. On the one hand, it sports a full-frame sensor and delivers high-quality stills and video. On the other hand, it is currently missing key cinema features like log shooting, and it's size and shape make it somewhat unwieldy without...
It is nice to see these pro features included on this beginner-friendly camera.
The Nikon Z50 is an APS-C sensor mirrorless camera, it has a great AF system and has good performance for the money.
The Fujifilm XT-4 has analog controls, shoots up to 10-bit video internally and can capture up to 14-stops of dynamic range.

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Best camcorders for any video shooter — 2021

Professional camcorders are often smaller, lighter, cheaper, and have more controls than other cameras. These are the best on the market today.