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Videomaker’s mission is to help others achieve their pursuits by using video as a common communications medium. We picture a world where people use video as regularly as they use photos, illustrations, and text to communicate thoughts, ideas and concepts. We believe freedom of expression is essential for human progress, and that free societies are better off when more people can effectively express themselves with video.

Company History

Each month, thousands of people come to Videomaker.com to:

    • Read the latest news and unbiased reviews
    • Watch educational videos
    • Post opinions about the technology and the consumer electronics they use every day
    • Learn from an objective source about the products and the technologies that are right for them

Videomaker Inc., the brainchild of Matt York, was founded in mid-1985. From his high school days through his years at college as a communications major, Matt became an enthusiast of super-8 filmmaking. When affordable VHS video cameras with high-quality production features became available in the mid-1980s, Matt’s interest in moving image technology was re-kindled. Searching for more information, he assumed that a magazine for the new video camera buyers must exist, just as Super-8 Filmmaker served the super-8 hobbyists in the late 70s.

Matt’s magazine search left him empty handed. Soon after, Videomaker “the magazine for video camera users” was born. Having no journalism background, no publishing experience and no money was not encouraging; nevertheless, Matt and his wife Patrice wrote a business plan and raised the initial capital needed to launch the publication. In June of 1986, Videomaker hit the newsstands for the first time. Beginning as a bi-monthly publication, the first Videomaker was 64 pages long. The first issue included a Beginner’s Guide for video camera users. It listed an assortment of bulky and boxy-looking video cameras with pricetags averaging $1,800.

Three decades later, Videomaker Inc. is still privately owned and the Yorks preside over the company as Publisher and Associate Publisher. With a circulation of over 50,000 per month, Videomaker is the #1 national consumer magazine for video enthusiasts. Originally launched in Peterborough, New Hampshire, the company’s home has long remained in Chico, California. Through the years, Videomaker Inc. has expanded its product offerings and influence. Sixteen employees work together to write, design, market and sell for VideomakerMagazine. In addition, they produce webinars, Videomaker Workshops, Videomaker Instructional DVDs, and Videomaker‘s Web site.

Videomaker empowers people to make video in a way that inspires, encourages and equips for success; we do this by building a community of readers, web visitors, viewers, attendees and marketers.

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Mathew York


Patrice York

Associate Publisher

Mike Wilhelm


Haley LaPlant

Managing Editor

Chris Monlux

Multimedia Editor

Sean Berry

Contributing Editor

Susan Schmierer

Art Director

Katz Rosal

Web Developer

Terra York

Director of Sales

Lindsay Steinberg

Director of Business Development

Jessica Rowe

Audience Development Coordinator

Ryan Awe

Accounting Manager

Natasha Shubin Garcia

Fulfillment Assistant

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