Sound Design: How Sound Helps Tell Your Visual Stories
Every scene in a film has carefully crafted sound design to represent what is going on. They represent the scene's location and the actions of characters.
Audio mixer board
The worst mistake a videographer can make is forgetting about audio. Bad audio and sound design can leave any great shot useless. Here's how to avoid that.
Choosing the right music--whether you’re playing DJ around your friends, or doing something more serious like working on a video for a client-- can be a hard choice. Our tastes in music are subjective and sometimes difficult to explain. People might like a song or artist for a variety...
Spacial Audio for Spherical Video Workflow
When people ask what’s most important when making a video, we start off by saying the word audio. Audio can decide whether or not your project is successful. Audio is what drives a scene and draws audiences in. In the last year, a large new development for online video...
The Great and Powerful Nats
Natural sounds, or nats, are the ambient sounds that exist in and around the focal points of your recording. Grasping the subtleties and importance of nats is a key component to bringing out the best in your audio and potentially getting yourself out of some tricky situations. Nats for Sync Clapboard The...
We define diegetic and non-diegetic elements and demonstrate how they can be used to convey complex cinematic ideas. Learn to better control the emotional and intellectual response of your audience by understanding the mechanisms behind it.
Let’s take a quick look at some common mistakes and habits audio engineers should avoid during recording and mixing phases.
In a nutshell The final soundtrack breaks down into four parts: dialog, sound effects, music and ambient background noiseKeeping sound elements on multiple tracks helps you pay attention to all the necessary sound design aspectsBalance should be thought of first and foremost when mixing In days of yore, when SD was...
Image from “Gravity”
Akira Kurosawa once described cinematic strength as deriving “from the multiplier effect of sound and visual image being brought together.” It is strange, then, that sound is often relegated to the sidelines of cinema, with few actually ever realizing its full potential in a production. How can you use...
Once you've decided on your audio workflow, it's time to get to work. Dialogue, sound effects, music, and mixing are all essential for creating professional video. Next Lesson: Delivery Overview 

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