If you're wondering how to read a histogram to ensure you expose your video or image perfectly, you've come to the right place.
Adobe Media Encoder
If you've exported video within the Creative Cloud, chances are you have interacted with the Adobe Media Encoder, but how does it work?
Adobe is one of the largest and most widely used creative software companies in the world. From novices to Hollywood professionals, video editors from around the globe use the Adobe Creative Cloud to complete the work they do. Two of the collection's most popular applications amongst video creators are...
The cornerstone of every great editor is their ability to exceed the expectations of those in their world. Content needs to educate, illuminate or entertain, clients and bosses need to be kept happy, and work needs to come in and be delivered at a pace that allows an editor...
Hand with STOP written on it. Bad Habits written on chalk board.
It's easy to get into a routine when video editing and as a result form some habits, and not necessarily good ones. Video editing is an art form with rules, or more realistically guidelines, that help define the difference between what's good and what's bad. Even though what is...
“Let’s shoot HD. No, let’s shoot 4K. No, let’s shoot 8K. Cool. Sounds like a plan.” Everybody is now super excited, except you, the editor. You are afraid that your computer will not be able to handle this footage, but you do not want to say anything. How do...
We will tell you how to send large documents online
In this article, we'll discuss how to send large files online fast, speeding up the process and saving you time.
Hands on keyboard and notepad
Like a good video, a video editor is greater than the sum of their parts. There's a range of skills, technical and aesthetic that a video editor needs.
Parker Walbeck and Landon Bytheway have 10 super critical tips that will help you edit faster in Premiere Pro.
Video technology is advancing all the time. How can you keep up and efficiently deliver a quality edit on time? Simple, with proxies.