DIY Video Accessories
Were you in the AV club in high school? Were you the person that teachers relied on to thread the film through the projector, change bulbs or figure out how to get the tape player to play through the speakers? Very likely you were, and it's that same tinker's...
Tricks for J and L Cuts
So ... you now know how to shoot video, light a scene, direct actors - you even know how to write up a model release. What's the next tool that can add extra life to your productions and carry you just that much higher in your video producing realm?...
Tweaks: performance tips
Do you remember the last time you defragmented your hard drives? If you're running Windows, you should... if you haven't defragged in a while, read on. Remember when you first got your brand-new editing system? Everything ran super-fast. You double-clicked on your editing software's icon and it finished launching...
Jennifer shows new video user, Melissa Hageman, some simple handheld tips, and Melissa then creates a "First Week of Spring" photo essay for us.


Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Camera

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with a 24-105 mm f/4L lens

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