Sony HXR-NX30U Camcorder-Projector Review

In the wide world of HD camcorders, the Sony HXR-NX30U is a low-fuss, feature-rich competitor with a lot of promise and more than a few surprises.You... and This Army Out...

DPA Microphones 4017B Shotgun Microphone Review

With the advent of smaller camcorders and DSLRs with notoriously poor audio capabilities, manufacturers are rushing to produce high quality, small-dimensioned microphones to meet these DSLR users" needs. Well-known...

DPA Microphones EMK4071 Microphone Kit Review

The EMK4071 ENG/EFP microphone kit exudes its manufacturer’s characteristic quality. DPA has put together a complete kit, including a lavalier microphone and necessary accessories that are perfect for ...

Viewfinder: Quality Over Quantity

We stress quality production skills in Videomaker. From mobile phones and video-capable tablets, to pocket camcorders capable of streaming video direct to the Web, to home movie archival...

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