Maintaining a positive attitude and an enthusiastic outlook can be challenging for creatives. For many of us, the media we make becomes an extension of who we are.We pour our blood, sweat and sometimes tears into the projects we produce. It can...
Understanding the cognitive and emotive impact of media can truly make us better creators of content.
Sometimes the best way to advance a skill rapidly and with the greatest degree of precision is to be still. The idea seems counterproductive at first, but after consideration, the notion holds water. Top athletes work out the components of their mechanics slowly and methodically. They often...
man with camera in a graffiti-ed stairwell
Not sure how to get started in video production? Want to hone your skills without too much pressure? Need space to experiment and iterate? Consider focusing your creative energy on producing a short film.
tablet showing an instagram like count on the screen
Ephemeral video content is a new trend in video production that requires video producers to change the way we think about video production.
woman with camera on a small tripod with a microphone on top
The internet is a saturated market, and differentiating yourself isn’t easy. Before you can find an audience, you have to find passion.
Smartphones have become indispensable parts of our lives. For many of us, our phones are the first thing we reach for in the morning (often doubling as our alarm clocks) and the last thing we see at night. We use them for entertainment, social connectivity, shopping and conducting business....
As more and more platforms favor vertical video and as smartphone cameras become more advanced, it’s time to realize there is a place for vertical perspectives video
Don’t hesitate to shoot video as you travel internationally. The shots you record will help you recall the incredible experiences that you have.
The media-making process is a continuous collision between creative ideation and technical implementation. In order to be proficient as a video producer, one must develop the ability to work within multiple skill sets that do not naturally coexist in the psyches of most humans. Producers need the ability to...

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