Canon EOS R
A source suggests Canon's working on a 100-megapixel EOS R camera. We could see its release as early as 2022. Here's what we know so far.
Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 liquid lens
Xiaomi's fourth Mi Mix smartphone aims high by including a single liquid lens. This is the first time a smartphone's features such a lens.
Ricoh Theta Z1
Ricoh’s working on a new Theta Z1 360 camera, increasing its internal storage. However, if you were hoping for more, you’ll be disappointed.
Sigma fp L
Sigma's latest fp camera, fp L, packs a huge 61-megapixel sensor in a super tiny form factor. It also improves on the line's autofocus.
Sony announces the XVS-G1
The XVS-G1 is an upcoming, level-entry live production switcher from Sony. The XVS-G1 utilizes its new processing engine to support 4K video.
EditShare is a cloud-based media management platform. Just recently the platform announced support for the Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Three new Sony prime lenses
Sony released three compact prime lenses. Covering popular focal lenses like 50mm and 25mm, the three primes work with full-frame cameras.
Canon EF 200 f/2L IS
Canon is discontinuing a few EF mount lenses. This is part of the companies plan to focus more on RF mount lenses for mirrorless cameras.
Apple iMac Pro
However, Apple decided earlier this month to discontinue the IMac Pro. Now, Apple's supplies officially ran out last week.
Mirfak Audio WE10 series wireless mircophone backups audio files as it records
The Mirfak Audio WE10 series is a wireless microphone is capable of more than just capturing audio, it backs up audio files as it records.

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