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The Videomaker Podcast: Q&A - Mike Wilhelm, Chris Monlux
Chris and Mike answer your questions. Premiere vs Final Cut Pro vs Resolve in 2020? Is now a good time to buy a camera?
Telling stories with video is all about playing with time — compressing it, stretching it and re-ordering it.
We talk all about video file formats. What are they? What aspects about them do you need to know about, and what do you do with them all?
In this episode of the Videomaker Podcast, We talk all about green screen — how to do it right and whether you should even do it at all.
We discuss the new Canon T8i, the Canon 24-105 f4-7.1, the Nikon D6, the Canon EOS R5, and finally we got our hands on the Canon 1DX Mark III.
This week we talk about how often you should replace your gear, and when to buy new vs used.
We talk to accomplished gaffer, Michael Walsh about what it's like to handle the lighting for some of hollywood's biggest movies.
We talk about pre-production and whether or not anyone really needs it. Spoiler alert, most of the time, everyone does.
In this episode of the Videomaker Podcast, Chris and Mike talk about how to make the leap from amateur to professional in the world of video production and filmmaking.
In this special edition Videomaker Podcast, Mike, Nicole and Chris talk about CES 2020 and the winners of our Best of CES awards. We go to Las Vegas every year to find the best video products for our audience, these are the awards we give out during...

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How to buy a camera — 2020

While we have more options and more technology than ever before; buying a new camera has never been more difficult. It’s not just that there are dozens of cameras to choose from, it’s that each one offers...