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Chris and Mike discuss the latest video news, including Sony’s new ZV-1 vlogging camera, a new multi-camera streaming box from LiveU and Videomaker’s new course on visual storytelling.
Mike and Chris talk to the editors of Some Good News, the amazingly popular YouTube series hosted by John Krasinski. special guests are Evan Buxbaum, head of LEROI Productions and Joanna Naugle, partner at Senior Post. Both worked on John Krasinki’s ultra-popular weekly news program, Some Good...
Mike and Chris talk about lenses. They demystify lenses for video shooters. Learn how to save money on your next lens and what lenses you should be considering.
Chris and Mike talk with Jim Lebrecht and Nicole Newnham, co-directors of Crip Camp. Crip Camp tells the story of a group of people at Camp Lened in Northern California who became activists who fighting for accessibility legislation. It’s an incredible documentary which you can watch now...
Mike and Chris talk with Eric Brown and Matt Bach of Puget Systems about how you can design a high performing video editing PC. As it turns out, spending more money won't necessarily get you better performance.Puget Systems Homepage: http://puget.systems/go/152773Puget Systems Consulting: http://puget.systems/go/152774https://www.buzzsprout.com/725097/3683278-building-the-best-editing-pc.js?container_id=buzzsprout-player-3683278&player=small
Mike and Chris talk to Videomaker author and pastor Jeff Chavis. Jeff was a broadcaster in the US Army so his insight into church video, especially now with the pandemic, is especially relevant to church leaders or videographers who want to incorporate video into their local church...
Chris and Mike talk about the most exciting announcements that WOULD have happened at NAB this year. Most notably, we talk about the Canon EOS R5, Canon C300 MKII, Edlekrone jibONE, Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro & Magix Vegas Post.https://www.buzzsprout.com/725097/3490795-nab-week-2020-eos-r5-c300-mkii-jibone-atem-mini-pro-vegas-post.js?container_id=buzzsprout-player-3490795&player=small
We get into topics like how directors can get the best performances from their actors, how a director can make an on-set experience enjoyable, and some mistakes new directors often make.
Chris and Mike talk about what it takes to perform infront of a camera, when you are typicaly behind one.
Chris and Mike talk all about live streaming. We discuss planning a livestream and testing your technology. We talk about what types of gear you should research and how you can solve technical problems in the middle of a livestream. Finally, we talk about how you can...

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