Sony ECM-HW2 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Review
Bluetooth Sound: 5.1 Capture One of main limitations of most consumer grade camcorders is the absence of an external microphone input. Sony has solved this problem with the new ECM-HW2 Bluetooth wireless microphone. It offers two way communications, lets you decide whether to record just the mic input or add...
Videomaker's 2009 Best Storage Device: Proavio EditBOX EB8MS Disk Array
View all of the best consumer video production products of 2009, selected by the editors of VideomakerThe Stacker Professionals agree that disk speed is the biggest bottleneck in any computer system. Power-hungry users - video professionals included - eagerly snap up computers with fast buses, as well as fast...
Annual Best Products of the Year
The best consumer video production products of 2008, selected by the editors of Videomaker. So another year has come and gone, and it has brought a number of products through our doors. Many were good. Some were, um, not as good. We've culled it down, argued about it and narrowed...
Audio Monitors Buyer's Guide
If you are listening to your edited masterpiece on the speakers that came with your computer, you are in need of an upgrade. You may have heard the horror stories of a finished video that played to an audience for the first time which sounded so bad and was...




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