Best Motion Control System of NAB 2014: edelkrone Wizard

The edelkrone Wizard wins the Best Motion Control System of NAB 2014 Award.

The edelkrone SliderPLUS is great at putting our camera into motion, but the Wizard would be even better. It's a module that attaches to the side of a SliderPLUS. Your control of the camera is simple with a four-direction button for moving the camera, and adjusting the average speed. These are the three things it needs to complete a move, where you start, stop and an average speed. And rather than punching in numbers, the Wizard can record your move, and you don't need to get the speed just right because the Wizard knows how to calculate averages. A double tap allows an infinite loop between points, and for this, the additional Target module makes the whole motion control system downright dangerous. The Wizard clocks in at $600 and the Target module at $800, and both have Canon LP-E6, Panasonic CGA-D54 or Sony NP-FV battery options.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
Jackson is a fan of Star Wars, sports, foley, and games of all kinds.

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