Getting Great Video From a Mobile Phone

We live in interesting times. Gone are the days when moviemaking requires enormous amount of fundraising and massive equipment budgets. While it's true that these things certainly help, the...

GenArts Sapphire 7 Visual Effects Software

Ever need an old-fashioned, scratched-up film effect? How about a beauty filter that would selectively soften only skin-tones? GenArts Sapphire 7 is a great package that accomplishes that and...

DJI Innovations Phantom Quadcopter Review

Have you ever dreamed about getting into aerial videography but were daunted by the complexity and high cost? DJI Innovations’ Phantom quadcopter, with its simple operation and comparatively low...

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Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro allows directing, streaming via Ethernet

Blackmagic Design today announced the ATEM Mini Pro. It’s a new live production switcher that allows for direct streaming via its Ethernet connection.

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