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When you start any business, you should know the legalities of the business. It is difficult enough to set up a business with suitable equipment, personnel, infrastructure, marketing, and customers or clients without having to worry about legal liabilities. The same is true in the video production field. This...
Just as you wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, you should also never shoot without it either.
Whether you’re working on a documentary, hip hop music video, or social media ad, certain components are key. If you’re recording people, you must make sure they sign a release form.
How to Use Someone's Likeness Safely in Your Social Media Video
It’s safe to say that almost everyone is on social media. We post videos of ourselves and our friends often without thinking about it. But what happens when that video goes viral and suddenly becomes a source of revenue? How can we avoid the legal complications that might accompany such success?
Police officers arresting a person
From the New York Police Department to the Los Angeles Police Department, and everywhere in between, police protect and serve the public. They keep us safe at home, at school, and at work, and are always the first to respond to emergency situations. However, given the public scrutiny police...
Teen playing with a mobile phone
With the abundance of mobile devices available with cameras, you can be anywhere at any time and capture an image or a video that could be incriminating evidence. It is important to know your rights when it comes to recording and photographing in public places. But what are your...
DJI Phantom helicopter with a GoPro camera flying in the sky
What is a Drone?Strictly speaking, "drone" used to be defined as an autonomous aircraft. Now, the word is used as slang for anything without a human pilot on board. This can include anything from your local hobby store’s cheapest radio-controlled aircraft to a Predator or Global Hawk. What the...
When most viewers watch a film with over-the-top movie stunts or an extreme video on YouTube, they might "ooh" or "aah" at the stunts or dangerous activities but their involvement usually ends there. Some daredevils, however, treat such videos as invitations to copy or re-create. Their activities may lead...
Simplicity is often elusive when it comes to legal matters, so it should be no surprise that the answers to questions related to recording video and audio in public places contain few pat answers other than "it's complicated." Indeed, that is because laws, regulations and rules in these matters...
Viewfinder: Privacy
According to Wikipedia, "The Truman Show delusion is a type of persecutory/grandiose delusion in which patients believe their lives are staged plays or reality television shows." The disorder was named after a motion picture staring Jim Carrey in which all the people in the his life have been paid...


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