Mark Levy and Roman Zelichenko

Mark Levy has been contributing articles to Videomaker magazine since 1988. He is past president of the Amateur Movie Makers Association and has won awards internationally for his short films and videos. He practices intellectual property law (patents, trademarks, and copyrights) in Evergreen, Colorado.Roman Zelichenko is Founder & CEO @ LaborLess. Entrepreneur. Lawyer. Writer. Improviser. Climber. Snowboarder. Eater. Traveler.

How does fair use apply to fan fiction video?

Can you legally create and distribute fan fiction that uses existing plots and characters from your favorite books, shows and movies? And if so, to what extent and under what circumstances?

The importance of video release forms when recording people

Whether you’re working on a documentary, hip hop music video, or social media ad, certain components are key. If you’re recording people, you must make sure they sign a release form.

How to Set Up Your LLC

Admittedly, determining how your business will be organized is not nearly as exciting as picking your company name, creating a logo or building a sleek website. Yet, a proper...

How to Write a Comprehensive Video Production Contract

Have you ever asked yourself whether your contract was good enough? If you’re like most freelancers or small business owners, you probably don’t have the time or, frankly, the...

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