You've likely already seen today’s Google Doodle. It’s an animated representation of the phenakistoscope, which Joseph Plateau is credited for inventing. Essentially, the phenakistoscope is a spinning disc that is seen as one of the earliest precursors to cinema as we know it today. It is the world’s first animation...
Sony Alpha 9 II
Sony has announced the Alpha 9 II. It's an Alpha full-frame interchangeable lens camera that improving on where the Alpha 9 left off.
We cover topics like cables, connectors, various types of mics, and pickup patterns. Plus, we'll share tips on audio technology, mic uses, field mixers and capturing audio.
Dell injects more power into the Precision 5540, 7540, and 774
At this year’s Computex, Dell has announced a few upgrades for its Precision PCs. Laptops receiving updates include: the Precision 5540, 7540, and 7740.
Canadian photographer Taylor Jackson has gear lust in his recent music video
Do you have gear lust? We might after watching this new music video that is sure to be on the top billboard charts for photographer jams of 2019.
USB 4 doubles the speeds of USB 3.2
The USB Implementers Forum's announced USB 4 — the iteration of the universal connector. It’s expected to boost speeds of the current version substantially.
GoPro Plus offers unlimited storage for videos shot on GoPros
GoPro Plus, the $5 subscription service for cloud storage, is expanding to offer unlimited video storage, previously only being offered to photos.
Documentary Sports Photographer Elizabeth Kreutz talks about shooting Manny Pacquiao during the Mayweather Pacquiao fight and shares how she gets great shots without distractions.
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