The pandemic may have accelerated remote and hybrid workflow adoption, but this trend was already well underway long before it. Designing your production workflow in a way that accommodates local and remote collaboration gives your company the best of both worlds, and can open up incredible opportunities for creativity,...
Around these parts, it’s universally accepted as fact that drones are just awesome. However, there are certain situations where drones may not be ideal, or simply not the best tool for the job. Infact, there is a current trend of making fake drone shots with DIY solutions. In this...
Content creator and YouTuber Sawyer Hartman got an EOS C70 from Canon on loan six months ago. Now, he doesn't want to give it back.
The new Panasonic LUMIX GH5M2 has an extensive list of video features, but one that really stands out is its ability to livestream. In this article, we will be covering the new livestreaming capabilities of the Panasonic LUMIX GH5M2. Live streaming capabilities To start livestreaming, all you need is the GH5M2...
Today’s creators find themselves making much of their content while they are out in the world. Until recently, however, portability and power have been elusive qualities in laptops.
Livestreaming doesn't have to be difficult, especially when you’re working with Melon.
DP and director Jeff Berlin, a Sony Artisan, will discuss what went into making his most recent film, EL REY, a short boxing film about dedication and humility. He’ll detail how and why he leverages all of Sony’s cinema cameras, from VENICE to Xperia, and the FX3 and FX6...
In this session, learn the basics of HDR for YouTube delivery! We'll start with shooting for HDR editing (featuring Panasonic LUMIX cameras), editing HDR content (featuring Final Cut Pro), encoding for HDR delivery (featuring Compressor), creating a custom HDR to SDR LUT for YouTube (featuring DaVinci Resolve), and finally,...
Melon, a browser-based streaming service, recently announced Streamlabs integration with a long list of new features. The goal, according to Melon, is to have a simple, intuitive, browser-based streaming studio that enables creators to go live on all major streaming platforms in just five clicks.  Streamlabs integration This new integration means...
The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 is an auto tracking PTZ camera that simplifies online teaching. You’ll be surprise at everything it can do

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