Newtek Sales Specialist Alex Udell will take you through some general workflows of using NewTek’s NRS in a bidirectional-live to post-production cycle exploring the unique benefits this storage platform can bring to your workgroup.
Sam & Brendan from the YouTube channel SOKRISPYMEDIA walk us through a crash course on virtual production & post production. They’ll go over basic setup tips, which hardware and software they use, and how to do live compositing in Unreal Engine. They’ll also show how you can get started without needing LED panels -- and how this tech is leading the future of the film industry!
Jim bask, from, will be joined by Kevin McAuliffe from the YouTube channel: “Let's Edit with Media Composer!” His channel is for new and experienced Media Composer editors, and is to not only get new editors up to speed with Media Composer but to show experienced editors new techniques, to get their jobs done faster than ever before!
Right now, a lot of business is being done over the internet using video. Zoom Interviews, Zoom Meetings... Video conferencing of all kinds. In this video, you will learn tips on how to look better on your next video call.
There is so much vertical video in the world today... It’s used on every social media platform and in so many different ways. It’s key to produce the highest quality content to stand out and be seen.
Remote shooting is a must these days. However, up to this point, it has been difficult and substandard. Without spending huge amounts of money, having a remote camera in a far-away place—with complete control of the settings on the other side—required an operator. With the innovation of tethering, in...
Choosing how to properly expose from a frame is not an easy task without help. This is where shoot assist tools come in. This article will guide you through them all.
Across K-12 and higher education, video is becoming a vital communication tool for connecting with staff, students, parents and the community, especially amidst a global pandemic. At the same time, high-quality video production and streaming tools are becoming more accessible. With these developments, more campuses are opting to take...
Communicating effectively has never been more important than it is right now and creating content that is just as good as network style TV is what people expect. Ensure your content is available and accessible with one of the most complete video production systems on the planet.
A livestream should be interesting both in content and through its visual language. Anyone can turn their computer on and start a livestream, but will it be something worth watching? When presenting good information, it deserves to be presented in the best way possible. In this article, we are...

Best Products

The best new video tech at CES 2019

Every year, we head to CES to check out the latest innovations in consumer technology and look for the next big thing in video production. CES 2019 was no exception.