Here’s how Josh and his team use video and a revolutionary camera to cloud workflow to tell great stories in no time at all.
In this video, we’ll show you how to use Blackmagic Cinema Cameras and Samsung portable SSDs, like the T7 shield or T9, for an ideal video production workflow. Whether you’re shooting documentaries, commercials, music videos or feature films, you’ll want to get the most out of your camera and...
With the launch of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone users can now use USB-C. Having a USB-C port is a huge step for mobile videography because it opens up external storage and external capture. And with faster data transfer, better compatibility and more...
In this video, we’re going to show you how to keep your video projects organized on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro using USB-C storage. We’ll also show you how to connect it to external storage and how to organize your data. We’ll end with some tips and tricks on...
It's shoot day, and you're just about done packing all your gear. Your hard cases are full and set for the trip to the shooting location. But here's the thing: Fully packed hard cases aren't exactly easy to carry around, especially while shooting. Sure, you could bring some empty bags, but that's extra hassle for you.
Nowadays, creating compelling video content is no longer a luxury; it’s the standard. Wondershare Filmora 13, the much-anticipated follow-up to the award-winning Filmora editing software, has brought with it a wealth of tools and features designed to empower businesses of all sizes.
Do you want to shoot professional-looking videos without compromising the safety of your gear? Look no further than the NANUK N-PVD backpack series.
Shooting 8K video without dropping frames is no easy task. It takes more than just having an 8K-capable cinema camera; you also need a memory card that can handle the high demands of your cinema camera.
If you're a video producer, you know the value of reliable storage solutions. A device that can manage heavy workloads, provide fast data transfers and safeguard your content is a must.
Both the Panasonic LUMIX S5II and LUMIX S5IIX boast innovative IBIS systems that simplify capturing steady shots. How does it work? Let's explore the inner workings of these cameras' IBIS systems