Simon Says Assemble: a new way to collaborate on video

Just this morning, AI video transcription company, Simon Says, launched Simon Says Assemble, a new editing and collaboration video software.

According to the company, the new product is a significant expansion to the Simon Says platform. It “makes video editing as simple as copying and pasting text,” Simon Says claims. Assemble essentially allows product teams and clients to work together on a video project entirely online. You can import and transcribe interview footage and dailies, highlight the key soundbites in the transcript and then drag and drop the soundbite text into the sequence.

Video courtesy: Simon Says

Simon Says Assemble key features

  • You can transcribe and work with timecode synced video attached to text
  • Simon Says Assemble allows you to and drop your soundbites from multiple videos and order them into an initial edit
  • You can edit video live as the video plays
  • Team members can leave notes at any time and move video and text around
  • Nearly all file formats and codes are supported
  • Import from the web or natively within Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Simon Says Assemble is capable of transcribing and translating in 100 languages
  • Search and highlight soundbites directly in the transcript to add them into the timeline
  • Export to all major NLE and DAW to finalize the edit
  • Export to subtitles, captions, and FCP titles
  • Metadata including file location, framerate, and start timecode are preserved through to export

“Teams can now edit, discuss, and sign-off on rough cuts from the web as simply as editing text,” comments Shamir Allibhai, founder and CEO of Simon Says. “Transcription was the stepping stone to Simon Says Assemble, which empowers everyone involved in a project to find and order the meaningful parts of the video to create an impactful narrative. Assemble brings down technical and cost barriers and frees the story from the silos of an NLE.”

How to start using Assemble

You can start using Simon Says Assemble by going to There, you can sign up and transcribe your media. There’s free credit for new users for up to 15 minutes, so you can start using it for free. After you use up the trial, you can buy a monthly subscription for $20. With this subscription, you will receive 2 hours of credit per month. You can also opt for the Pro monthly subscription, which is $35 a month for 48 hours of credit. There are annual plans as well for the same pricing monthly. Additionally, you can buy credit as you need it. 1 hour is $15.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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