Documentary Sports Photographer Elizabeth Kreutz talks about shooting Manny Pacquiao during the Mayweather Pacquiao fight and shares how she gets great shots without distractions.
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The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S has a great looking image with a two-stop improvement in low-light performance over its brother the GH5, but it comes at a cost. On top of costing $500 dollars more than the GH5, the GH5s uses a sensor with half the pixels and loses the...
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Discover the rule of thirds and how to frame your shots with proper head and lead room. Plus, learn to anticipate action, and break the rules for dramatic effect.
Subject, Distance and Working with a Telephoto Lens
Taken to Task on Telephoto It's the Distance According to Gene Bjerke (Getting Close with Telephoto, November 1998 Videomaker) telephoto lenses flatten perspective. This is incorrect. It is the camera-to-subject distance and not the lens focal length that affects perspective. For example, as you move towards a subject, objects that are...
Unpacking your first camcorder, you figure out where to insert the battery, fire up your new treasure and peer through the viewfinder. (If you're like most brand-new camcorder owners, you probably think something like, cool!) What next? You probably try the zoom lens. Pushing the forward half of its control,...



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