Building A Powerful Editing Computer For Under $3K
Software FirstIf you're building a system to run demanding programs like your editing software or a few others titles like After Effects or DaVinci Resolve, it makes sense to start by looking at the system requirements for the software you’ll be using. The hardware I have chosen for this...
Plug-ins Buyer's Guide
You can customize your software with additional tools through plug-ins. There are hundreds of plug-ins available and you would go broke trying to buy them all, but fortunately for you, we are going to cover the most popular plug-ins and what they can do for you and your editing...
I/O Buyer's Guide
Not familiar with I/O devices? Finding the right I/O device to match the equipment you use and the demands of the work you do can be as simple as looking at a few common uses of I/O devices and seeing how these reflect your needs.What is an I/O Device?I/O...




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