Videomaker PLUS Free Course Videos

All of Videomaker PLUS free course videos available in one place.

Starter Courses:

A Beginner's Guide to Professional Results

Breaking Down the 180-Degree Rule

Shooting with a Smartphone

Basic Shooting

Lighting Basics

The Art of Composition

Basic Video Editing

Capture and Organize

Editing Techniques


Basic Courses:

Audio Techniques for Going Pro

Microphone Pickup Patterns

Using Field Mixers

Basic Audio for Video

Outdoor Audio

Indoor Audio

Camera Controls & Settings

Frame Rate

Shutter Speed & Angle

Classic Lighting Techniques

3 Point Studio Lighting

Outdoor Lighting at Noon

Do it Yourself Video Equipment

How to Make Your Own Matte Box

How to Make Your Own Boom Pole, Blimp, and Windscreen

DVD Authoring & Design

Intro to DVD Authoring

Menu Design

Green Screen Basic Training

4 Steps to Build Your Own Green Screen

Green Screen Setup

Light it Right!

Studio Lighting

On Location Lighting

Sharpen Your Editing IQ

Match Action Cuts Like a Pro

Create a Clone Effect

Video Lighting

Best Solutions for Indoor and Silhouette Lighting

Rembrandt Lighting, Beauty Lighting and Vital Lighting Setups

Video Production Basic Training

Best Practices for Using a Tripod to Stabilize your Shots

The 5 Deadly Sins of Amateur Video


Creative Courses:

Advanced Audio for Video

How to Record Voice Overs

How to Use Compressors, Limiters and Noise Gates

Advanced Lighting for Video

Setting up a Studio

Lighting Car Interiors

Advanced Shooting

Storyboards, Shot Sheets, Logs and Slates

Lenses and Filters

Advanced Video Editing

The Art of Editing


Color Correction

Using a Waveform Monitor

Defining Tonal Range

Deconstructing Cinematography V. 1

Deconstructing Citizen Kane

Deconstructing Saving Private Ryan

Deconstructing Cinematography V. 2

Documentary Style Shooting in Children of Men

Visual Storytelling in Road to Perdition

Deconstructing Editing V. 1

Creating Symbolism with Cross Dissolves in Apocalypse Now

Reaction Shots and Vocal Effects in Star Wars

Directing & Pre-Production

How to Break Down a Script

How to Block Shots

Fix it in Post

How to Color Correct Video

How to Deinterlace Footage

How To: Fix Green Screen Problems

Fixing Rough and Discolored Edges for Green Screen

Fixing Unwanted Green and Spill for Green Screen

How To: Make Video Look Like Film

Defining the Film Look

Choosing a Camera

Making Music Videos

Choosing a Music Video Genre

Contracts for Music Videos

Master Your Camera for Stunning Visuals

Mastering Depth of Field – Part 1

DSLR Picture Styles

Movie Genres Basic Training

Learn Horror Genre Basics

Learn how to Electrify Your Action Video

Post Production Workflow


Do you need to transcode?

Special Effects Basic Training

Basic Movie Effects

Design Elements: Ink Drops and Spreads

Titles & Graphics

Designing Logos

Lower Thirds

Unlock the Tools for Post-production Magic

Faking Slow Motion

Build an Animated Open


Professional Courses:

Documentary Funding

Funding Sources

The Fund-Raising

Documentary Production: Equipment & Crew

Finding the Best Video Camera

Essential Accessories

Documentary Production: The Shoot

Getting Location Access

Directing Interviews

Documentary Storytelling

Storytelling Techniques

Researching the Story

Making Commercials

Meeting the Client

Forming Ideas

Multi-Cam Production


Shooting and Directing

Starting a Video Business

Do you have what it takes?

Creating a Business Plan

Wedding Videography