You know the basics of editing, now learn some of the tips and tricks that can help you take your videos to the next level. The editors and experts at Videomaker have created this DVD to introduce you to the tools, techniques and technology you need to know to edit like a pro; including tips on motion graphics, creative composites, cool color and speed effects.

The Art of Editing  

Gain an understanding of edit pacing, matching action, and motion continuity.

Video Filters and Color Effects 

Tips and techniques for manipulating the color, speed, and texture of your video.


How to use layering, transparencies, motion paths, and key types to create complex composite effects.

Capturing and Editing Foley 

Covers tips and techniques for capturing and editing accurate Foley for your video.

The Art of Motion Graphics 

A look at the principles of good motion graphic design, including lines, space, rhythm, and repetition.

Encoding and Output 

How to prep your finished project files so that they look great wherever they’re shown.

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