Here's a few tips to help you edit dialogue
dialogue is always a tricky. As editors, it is your job to know what to cut out when constructing the film. We have a few tips to help you edit dialogue.
Editor working in Premiere Pro on computer
Even if you’ve just started using Premiere Pro or you’ve used it every day for years, you will surely learn a few new tricks in this tips video.
Person editing on a laptop.
There’s always room to grow. The mark of a true professional is someone who has mastered what they understand about their craft and understands what they haven’t mastered; they continue to learn throughout their career.
Man working at computer and taking notes
From the earliest days of film, editors have faced the challenge of telling a story through the assemblage of various clips. Because one shot leads to the next, and that into another, on and on it goes until the message is clear and the story is told. It’s an...
Part of the joy in being an editor is in making the impossible possible, and the power to make visible invisible.
The invisible edit takes many forms and can be tricky to spot. If an edit is truly invisible, the audience will never even know that it exists. Invisible edits are used to string multiple shots together, creating the illusion of a single, uninterrupted take. This single shot is not...
Good editing is focused on relationships, relationships that exist between the various clips that make up an edit and the relationships that exists between the different subjects in the content of the narrative. By finding similar qualities in different shots, an editor can identify potential pairings for a match cut.
Cuts are the simplest, most diverse, and powerful tools in the editor’s arsenal. Cuts are the basic building blocks of editing. It’s foundational, and as small as it might seem, this gives the editor unbridled autonomy to create. Not all cuts are the same, there are a variety of...
Man video editing on a computer
Video editing is an invisible art and often goes unnoticed. It’s a tough art to learn and even harder to do. This article aims to make it a little easier.
How to Monitor Video While Editing
It’s easy to scrutinize the quality of a video clip, but the eyeball test is deceptive and will fail even the most seasoned editor. The human visual system has the uncanny ability to correct flawed images, shifting color’s perception deep within the cerebral cortex. Pair that ability with variances...
In this video you will learn basic techniques for editing. You’ll learn about the different types of edits and about the different transitions you’ll use to achieve them. We’ll then move on to the purpose titles and graphics. The different types of titles and how to use them.
How to Fill in for a Missing Shot
Editors are used to having to make do with what they’re given; it’s part of the gig, but it’s problematic when a piece of footage that’s planned for is nowhere to be found in the edit bay. There’s numerous causes; the media is corrupted in camera, a drive goes...