In this article, we will define what muxing is. We'll also talk about how it comes into play in every single filmmaker's life.
Throughout the years, filmmakers have experimented with a myriad of artistic ideas and methodologies. Making and breaking rules creates new pathways through the medium, changing and refining how films are put together. As has the advent of new technology. In early days, filmmakers interested in the idea of procedural editing would...
Ever heard of a DIT? DIT stands for Digital Imaging Technician. With the advancement of digital cameras, this position was created to assist camera crews and directors to get the most out of their equipment. On set, they are referred to as the DIT. During production, they are normally...
The most common errors are often recognizable to experienced or professional videographers. The novice or hobbyist, however, might see an issue but may not readily know what the problem is or how to correct it.
How to use the trim tool in DaVinci Resolve
You can do a lot with DaVinci Resolve's trim tool. Here is how you can use all its tools to speed up your video editing workflow.
Adobe Premiere Rush
While there's no right way to use Adobe Premiere Rush, there certaintly are better ways. Let's go over how you can get the most out of Adobe Rush!
How to crop a video
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A couple easy ways to make After Effects masks
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How to rotate a video
If you need help with flipping a video, we'll show you how to rotate a video. We will show you how to rotate videos on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
Desktop computer with editing interface.
To someone who has never worked with video, the editing process can seem mysterious and overwhelming. The truth is, anyone can learn to edit video. And you only need to understand a few basic techniques and principles to get started.