How to rotate a video on your phone, PC or Mac

We’ve all accidentally switched our phone’s orientation while filming. You start shooting vertically and end up tilting it horizontally. Half your video is sideways now. In this guide, we’ll show you how to rotate a video across multiple operating systems.

We’ll cover the four major operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Each one has their own unique apps and directions for flipping video. We will run through each step by step so your vacation highlight reels won’t be doomed to be sideways for all eternity.

Let’s get started:

How to rotate a video on Android

One of the most efficient ways to rotate your videos on an Android phone is to use the app Google Photos. Most new Android phones come with Google Photos already pre-installed, so you won’t have to make a trip to the app store to get it. However, if your phone doesn’t already have it, you can get it free off the Play Store.

1. Open up Google Photos
2. Select the video you need to rotate
3. Tap on the video and select the “Edit” icon. It should be in the middle of the frame
4. Select the “Rotate” option until your video is positioned the way you want it to be
5. Proceed to save rotated video

Next, here’s how you rotate a clip on iOS

1. Open your video in iMovie and locate where you want to rotate
2. In the viewer, move your thumb and index finger clockwise

This action should look like your twisting your fingers over the video clip. After you twist, a white arrow will appear on the screen. The white arrow means you’ve rotated the clip by 90 degrees. If you are needing to rotate it more, repeat the finger-twisting process.

Now, let’s move onto Windows

The best way to rotate on Windows 10 is to use the video editing app it offers: Video Editor. Previously, Windows used to offer Windows Movie Maker. However, now it is no longer offer and anything that presents itself as Movie Maker online should be avoided. They could contain malware, viruses, and hidden costs. So, it is best to use the Video Editor app.

1. Search for the ‘Video Editor’ in the taskbar. Open it an
2. Start a new project
3. Once the project is created, drag and drop your clip into the editor’s library
4. There you will see the option to rotate your clip. Click it to rotate.

Windows 10 video editing app
You can also hit Ctrl + R to rotate the video

5. After you are done rotating, save your clip by clicking ‘Finish video’ at the top right of the application

Here’s how you can rotate a video on Mac

If you are looking to rotate video Mac, the best option to use is QuickTime. However, if you are using an older Mac, you can use iMove. Note though it isn’t available on current Mac versions.


1.Open the video you need to rotate in QuickTime
2.Click the ‘Edit’ button in the main menu bar
When you click the “Edit” button, you will have four rotation options. You can choose between “Rotate Left”, “Rotate Right”, “Flip Horizontal”, and “Flip Vertical”
3. When you finish, click “File” and then “Save”

There are many different ways you can rotate a video on each platform. These are the quickest and most cost-effective ways to flip your smartphone videos.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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