Erik Fritts

Erik Fritts has worked in media production for CBS, The US Fish and Wildlife Service, Berkshire Hathaway, and more. He holds a BA in Film Production from CSU Sacramento, a grad certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA, and is currently an MFA candidate at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Film Theory explained – A beginners guide

Often seen as dense and abstract, film theory can be a useful tool in understanding the meaning and impact of a film. But what exactly is it? Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing the Right Lens: The Ultimate Guide

Lenses are key to making your favorite camera create the images you envision. Many shooters will stress that investing in good lenses is more important than buying fancy camera bodies....

Why Every Filmmaker Should DIY

Building your own gear is one of the great joys of filmmaking. Since the early days of cinema, innovators in the field have created their own contraptions that would...

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Making a career as an editor

Today we are talking about editing. Here with us is Sven Pape, an ACE award-nominated editor who has worked with James Cameron, James Franco, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He runs his own YouTube channel, This Guy Edits, where he dives into various aspects of editing, from how to make a career as an editor to the dos and don’ts of editing.

The power of CFexpress is unmatched

When you choose SanDisk, you are choosing one of the trusted leaders in the memory card industry. We can see just that...

Atomos and Z CAM release 5.8K for all Z CAM E2 cameras

Atomos and Z CAM have enabled 12-bit 5.8K Apple ProRes RAW over HDMI recording on the Ninja V and the Z CAM E2-F6, E2-F8 and E2-S6 cinema cameras.

Atomos opens 12-bit 4K ProRes RAW recording to GFX100

Atomos has just announced it’s enabling RAW over HDMI recording with the Fujifilm GFX100 and Ninja V 5” HDR monitor-recorder.

Fujifilm reveals new high res GF30mmF3.5 R WR lens

Fujifilm has just announced today it’s launching the new FUJINON GF30mmF3.5 R WR (GF30mmF3.5 R WR): a wide-angle prime lens.