Shadows and Light: 20 Video Tips for Shooting in the Snow

shot of photographer lying in the snow shooting with a camera


Working around auto exposure


Hi, Ewoc... if your camera doesn't give you the option of using manual exposure, it's a bit difficult to shoot good levels in the snow, but not impossible, with a few tricks. As stated in number 10, if you shoot slightly down on people instead at eye-height, you're going to mask some of the light that gets in from the background. Also shoot closeups of your subjects with the sun slightly to the left or right side of your back. 
Keep the people you're recording in medium and closeup shots, if possible, to fill the screen, and the auto setting should set on them instead of the snow. Then when you want wide shots with the people, you'll lose some detail, but you'll still have good footage in the medium and closeups. 

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