Overexposed… now what ??

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      Hi again!

      I did some symphonic orchestra shooting this past week-end, and even though I did my color balance (it looked good on my LCD) once the tape transferred into my Premiere Pro CS3, I see that all the faces of the players on stage are overexposed…

      Is there a magic formula to take off the white and filter the frames ??

      Thank’s again for any input!

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      i dont know about premier pro cs3, but there should be some sort of brightness/contrast filter on there. just try to play around with that

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      Not sure about Premier Pro but do know what you can do. Like thebergs2010 mentioned above, you want to play with your brightness and contrast. You will end up with a high contrast video but it’ll eliminate (not fully) some of the white. You want to lower the whites and play with the blacks. Good luck. I wish you were a Final Cut person so I can explain better.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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