Software Filters vs. Lens Filters – Keeping Track of Batteries

  1. News and Technology – Morgan & Andrew
    • Advertising models on YouTube & Bit Torrent
    • Ricoh (REE-co) has developed a prism that can read both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD
    • The Trinity Audio Workstation
    • Sony Trade up
    • Frisbee cam
    • HP 8400 workstation
  2. Tips and Techniques – Brian & Andrew
    TIP: Part 2 of using filters: software filters vs. lens filters
    TIP: Ways to keep track of full and dead batteries
  3. Take 20 – with: Charlie & Jennifer
    Submission: “Caffeine Trance”
    Producer: Randy Elwin from “Cardiff-by-the-sea” California (near San Diego)
  4. Viewfinder – Matt & Derek
    Proliferation of Video Sharing and its potential downsize