Did You Know You Can Turn Your DSLR into a Mirrorless Camera?

With this tutorial, you can turn any DSLR camera into a mirrorless one in a matter of seconds. You just need to follow this genius DIY hack from Eric Rossi.

Mirrorless cameras are emerging as the current industry standard — quickly ending the DSLR movement. Canon could have mirrorless shooter coming out next year and Nikon just announced their Z 7 and Z 6 mirrorless cameras. But it admittedly can get expensive to switch out your well-used DSLR to a new mirrorless camera, so why don’t you just make your own?

Photographer Eric Rossi uploaded a 4-minute video that shows us how we can turn any DSLRs into a mirrorless camera.

“I show you how to DIY and hack it yourself,” Rossi writes. “Be VERY careful of how you approach doing this. You may cause some damage, so please follow my tutorial step by step.”

Here’s the video!

Now, Rossi’s method may be a little shocking, but if you really want to transform your DSLR into a mirrorless camera, you’ve got to power through it! Get your best pair of pliers and really tear into that mirror! Make sure you aren’t too rough though. The goal here is to remove the mirror, but not damage the sensor. Once the mirror is removed, you have yourself mirrorless camera!

“You can still go around using your Nikon Canon camera effectively but getting all the pro results of being a mirrorless camera,” Rossi says.

Eric Rossi is really digging into his DSLR. He must really want a Nikon Z 7!

Alright, so humor aside, this is a joke video. We can assure you we haven’t lost our minds! We also highly recommend you just watch Rossi’s video and not try his hack for yourself — unless you want to end up with a truly mirrorless DSLR!

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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