Orson Welles at a canted angle in The Third Man
A “dutch angle” is a slanted horizon in a photo, video, painting or even comic book frame. These can be subtle or extreme. Possibly the most famous example, done to the point of absurdity, is the 1966 television version of the show "Batman." In the series, every bad guy...
Understanding bit depth: the difference between 8-bit, 10-bit and 12-bit video
A video camera’s ability to reproduce a smooth gradation between colors and shades is an important factor when seeking to capture filmic images. The range of possible colors a video camera is able to capture is determined by the bit depth of the file format used for the recording. What...
Getting enough B-roll not only will make you happier later, but your viewers will understand your story that much better, too.
One of the most overlooked areas of video production is gathering B-roll footage that tells a compelling story. Here's what B-roll is and it's so important.
Image illustrating Rule of Thirds
There are actually shapes and alignments that people find pleasing. But photo and film composition also needs to tell a story.
If I were to speak with my former cable coordinator regarding best shooting practices for sporting events, I might be cheating. So, instead of speaking only to camera operators, I'll take a more novel approach. Without further ado, I would like to begin with the fact that, long before...
Try these low camera angle tips on your next shoot
Shooting low camera angles is a great way to engage viewers. So we have a few low camera angle tips to help you make the most of them.
Shooting a cinematic movie
You can have everything right: a good script, great actors and crew. But if your movie doesn’t look like a cinematic movie, your audience will tune out.
Carefully choosing your camera angles lets you influence your audience's reaction to and interpretation of what is presented on screen.
Videographer filming with a camera
B-roll is a powerful storytelling tool that should never be overlooked. If you want to shoot B-roll like a pro, you need to learn the five-shot method.
Let’s take a look at some things that make slow motion exciting.