Digital Cinema: How to Make Your Mini DV Look Like Film
The 14th Annual Films Arts Festival of Independent Cinema screened the very first video I ever shot on Mini DV. When I went to pick-up my VHS viewing copy from the festival's organizers, the Film Arts Foundation (FAF) in San Francisco, the curator congratulated me and asked if I...
 Shooting Sports: The NFL Films Model
The editors at NFL Films are masters of the art of film editing and have changed the way that TV, film and video crews cover sports. To understand the significance of NFL Films and its 40-year history, it helps to view a football highlight film from before the company's...
Using Camera Angles Like a Pro
Whether a program is fiction, documentary, corporate promotion, or any other genre, it should have a professional style -- a style created largely by camera angles. We've visited camera angles before (for convenience, the gist of several articles we've done on the subject is very briefly reprised in the...
Impress the Judges: How to Succeed in Video Contests
Movie festivals and competitions are an excellent and effective way to show your productions to large audiences. Winning a video contest can also improve your resume and score you some valuable prizes, but first you have to make sure that your tape will be seen and that it is...
Multi-camera Event Recording
If you videotape events with multiple cameras, you can save time in post-production by doing live-to-tape multi-camera shoots. Graduations, dance recitals and sports are prime targets for a multi-cam shoots, but switching live to tape takes careful planning and special tools. This article will tell you what you need...


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