How to Market Your Video Editing Business
The democratization of video editing has been great for our modern civilization. Where would we be without YouTube? But this advancement has added many more video editing companies and with them come greater competition within the marketplace. You've got to learn to cut through the noise to be found...
Will Work for Free: Shooting Charity Video
Every once in a while a charity video shooting project comes along that piques my interest, even though I know I won't get a dime out of the job. Most video producers, at some time in their career, are approached by someone looking to get free services from them out of the...
Wedding video production tips
If you're considering starting a wedding video business, read through these ten keys to ensure your business hits the ground running.
How do you Find the Gig?
Where are all the shooting gigs? How do you find them? Craigslist? Your local newspaper want ads? Some other vague work-for-hire site? I just got back last night from shooting a 3-day gig with my brother down in central California. His specialty has been architectural, environmental, lighting and product...
There are many opportunities in event videography in addition to wedding videos. Today videographers are getting jobs videotaping theatrical performances, concerts & making memorial videos. Learn how to plan ahead to insure your video includes the best moments.
Special Features: DVD Extras
People love movies, and many people love them enough to want to watch movies about the movies they love. Special features are any additional audio, visual or interactive media that exist beyond the original version of a film on a DVD. These features may be items such as extended...
Finding Your Target Market
The internet has turned traditional business models upside down. This includes the market relationship between sellers and buyers. Gone are the days when enterprise could say, "if we build it, consumers will come." Today, consumers refuse to buy what they don't want. In fact, consumers are designing the products...
Rate my Videos A few years ago, we started our Videomaker Presents weekly vidcast that combined News, with our Tips & Tricks segment and Take 20, an offering of reader-viewer submitted videos critiqued by the editors of Videomaker. Rating points were based on excellence or technique in lighting,...

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