JVC GZ VX700 Camcorder

The GZ VX700 digital HD camcorder comes with a variety of different features.

WiFi: Not only can you send photos and videos from the camera directly into your smartphones, tablet PCs, ipod or PC, you can also use the camera for real-time monitoring. This feature allows the camera be used remotely for keeping an eye on your children and pets. The camera can take an automatic snapshot when a subject enters the target area and send it to you automatically via email. You can also use your smartphone’s GPS function to label the photos and video you shoot using the camera and later synchronize these with Google Earth software on you PC.

Image Quality: The camera captures images in Full HD (1080p), providing you with results of the highest quality. Even in places with inadequate light, the cameras “back-illuminated CMOS sensor” shoots great images. Besides having a 10x optical zoom, the camera also features a microphone zoom that concentrates on the sound of the subject in the view and increases gain on zooming. Another feature is the “Advanced Image Stabilization” and “Optical Image Stabilizer” which negate the camera shakes that commonly occur when moving shots are taken.

The Display: The Everio features a touch screen LCD and a stylus pen, a popular addition to most electronics nowadays. The camera has face detection features. It displays smile of each individual with a percentage. When the percentages reach a certain level, the camera automatically takes image. With the touch display come features like sub-windows. Just touch the face of a subject and the face will be displayed in a small window allowing you to focus on an individual within a crowd. A number of preset face decoration options are available that allow you make the picture more interesting. You can use the stylus pen to create some drawings on the image or write captions.

Recording: The recorded data is stored onto an SD/SDHC/SDXC card. You can chose options like photographing a series of shots in quick succession, high speed recording for slow motion, photos at a regular set time interval and even use automatic recording when subject enters the target area. After recording, you can use the Everio MediaBrowser 4 application provided for viewing, managing, editing and sharing.


Image Sensor: 1/4.1″ 3.3M Back-Illuminated CMOS

Lens: JVC HD LENS F1.2, 32.8mm Wide

Zoom Ratio: 10x (Optical), 18x (Dynamic), 200x (Digital maximum)

LCD: 3.0″ 230K-pixel

Card Slot: SDXC / SDHC / SD

DSC Function: 10M*3

Video Light & Flash: Auto Illumi. Light

Lens Cover: Semi-Auto

Dimensions (w/ battery): 36 mm x 57mm x 115.5mm

Weight (w/ battery): 0.52 lbs

Price: $500



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