An All New is Coming to NAB 2018

The team behind, the workflow management platform for video teams, will be previewing the new at this year’s NAB before its full release this summer.

The team says that the new has been reengineered for speed, now having the ability to load large projects up to “100X faster.” Additionally, there’s support for Gigabit speeds when uploading media. You can also expect broader media support, better version control, new commenting tools and a enhanced search tool. is reportedly getting over 150 new features and improvements, so here’s a brief overview of some of the major ones:

Faster speeds for the browser and uploader, with nested folder support during uploads

As said above, the new will be up to one hundred times faster than its was previously thanks to a new media browser that says enables users “to fly through thousands of assets at lightning speed.” The new sorting and search options make it easier for users to find what they are looking for a lot more quickly, according to

The new uploader will support speeds above 1 Gigabit and retain nested folder structures during those uploads.


Smoother video playback has given its core video playback a complete makeover. The new Rebuilt Core Video Playback Engine will allow for “faster and smoother video playback” with “less buffering, at up to 4K resolution” says

Range-based commenting

Comments on now support attachment uploads and range-based feedback. This means that users can drag the comment handle over the timeline to create a range and “better reference” the underlying content.

Analytics creators can new see who is currently watching their videos or see how many people have watched it in the past with clip history. Clip statistics can show users things like play counts historical views, and can even notify that user when a specific person or group of people begins to view your video. So if Videomaker starts watching one of your videos, you’ll know right away!

New version control

The platform's new version manager will now let users add, remove or rearrange versions from the stack.

Other features and improvements

  • All new apps and integrations for enhanced workflows
  • Improved playback performance with HLS and DASH streaming
  • Visual watermarking
  • Media lifecycle management
  • Dozens of new security features will be showcasing the new at NAB 2018 at the Western Digital booth (SL6316) in the South Lower Hall that the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s expected that the new will be released early this summer.

You can go to’s official blog post about the new features coming to the platform.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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