CES 2014: meMINI Lets You Recall, Not Just Record

The meMINI camera is recording, and activating the REC will simply tell the camera to recall the last action. Wear the meMINI, press record after an event occurs and you can capture what happened 10 seconds ago, and up to five minutes prior to starting the recall. To make this process as smooth as possible a couple questions arise, where do you put the camera, what quality with the video be? To fulfill these questions the meMINI is best attached to clothing with a magnetic backplate, and since you'll likely be moving around, image stabilization comes standard. The quality will require a closer look, but it is 1080 HD and captured with a 160-degree wide angle lens. The battery life measures up to three hours and should get you through much of the exciting parts of your game, party, or special moment.

Since there's no on board memory, the meMINI uses a cloud storage service which will allow for sharing, and some production with the ability to add filters and music. As a hands free and one-touch operation camera, the smartphone app will help control the meMINI and let you decide where the video is sent. For the month of January and until February 5, the meMINI has an active Kickstarter campaign. With no price set just yet, the pledge that would get you an actual camera is $149. Let us be the first to say, this goes against many of our teachings about how to record, but it sure can change the way you capture life events.


Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
Jackson is a fan of Star Wars, sports, foley, and games of all kinds.

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