Making Commercials DVD & DVD Download Now Available

If you want to make money with video production, producing commercials is a great way to start. Our Making Commercials DVD walks you through the entire process. Using these methods, you can produce a great commercial your client will love, and land you more commercial production projects going forward.

This new DVD is loaded with information essential to creating compelling, and perhaps more importantly, engaging commercials that will make any client happy. Focusing on integral elements such as meeting with a client, formulating ideas and styles of advertising, pre-production and shooting, editing, necessary revisions, and ultimately the delivery; this DVD should be treated as a guide to any aspiring videographer looking to generate additional income from their craft.

Speaking with Tyler Kohfeld, Marketing Coordinator at Videomaker, he stated that "the Making Commercials DVD is something we felt would really benefit our readers and would allow them to hone their skills visually, artistically, and ultimately apply them commercially."

If interested in this DVD, or any other informative title that we currently offer, be sure to check back often. As Kohfeld added, "this is just the beginning, we plan to release new DVD titles on a regular basis."


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