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GoPro’s Reign: Can It Really Last?

When people think of action cameras, GoPro comes to mind. In fact, much like people called photocopies "Xeroxes" in the 80s, we've heard people call action camera footage called...

Nikon Unveils New Flagship: The D810

Over the years Nikon has widely become known for having exceptional sensors and processors. If you go to any source that rates sensors, you'll see Nikon's FX line littering...

Free Report: Choosing the Right Camera

We live in an amazing time for video producers of all sorts and sizes. A short while ago, quality video production was possible for the few with very deep pockets....

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EOS R5 generates significant heat during video recording

Canon has said the EOS R5 and the EOS R6 are generating significant heat when recording video. Here is how you can reduce the heat generated.

How and why transcoding helps the editing process

“Let’s shoot HD. No, let’s shoot 4K. No, let’s shoot 8K! Cool. Sounds like a plan!” Everybody is now super excited, except...

Creating video and film on a budget and the new Canon EOS R5!

We will cover everything from the basic equipment you’ll need to the creative processes behind making your own budget production. Plus we...

4 new Canon lenses release alongside the EOS R5

Canon has announced four new lenses alongside the groundbraking mirrorless camera, the EOS R5, and the EOS R6 this week. Let's take a look at them.

Atomos recorders will record ProRes from EOS R5

Atomos announced the Ninja V, Shogun 7 and Sumo19 HDR monitor recorders will record 4kp59.94 10-bit 422 Apple ProRes or Avid DNx video from the new cameras.