Videomaker has a new free report, Optimizing your Video for YouTube Search: Get More Views for your Video. Video creators and filmmakers like to say that great video content will always find its audience. Unfortunately, that's not exactly right. While it's true that you won't attract an audience without having interesting and relevant content, it's only part of the equation.  Even amazing videos can languish in obscurity if they're not promoted properly. This is the problem that stumps too many video creators. You might be a master when it comes to creating videos, but how do you get people to come watch them?

This free report, Optimizing Your Video For YouTube Search: Get More Views for your Video, will help explain the simple little tricks that you can use to increase the odds that your video will reach the right eyeballs. How do you get more views for your video? A little bit of optimization – adjusting your video settings so that it's more likely to appear in searchers' query results – can go a long way. YouTube is the most popular online video platform for video makers and video watchers. This video-networking site receives over 800 million unique users each month and has become the second largest search engine, right below Google itself. Video optimizing is the great way to make the best of those numbers and give yourself every advantage in reaching the most viewers.

Videomaker wants you to have the best information about promoting your video on YouTube, so we've put together a free report with everything that you need to know to get the online attention you deserve. We asked SEO & online advertising expert Patrick Hughes of Buzzfarmers to compile this helpful guide to the eight east steps to successfully optimize your online YouTube videos to get more views.

Download Optimizing your Video for YouTube Search: Get More Views for your Video.